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Что за часы? Сколько стоят эти часы?

У вас есть часы, но вы не знаете модель или производителя, или нужна помощь в оценке. Не забывайте размещать качественные фотографии.
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Это Cortebert, достаточно известная мануфактура своего времени. Часы в неплохом состоянии, если циферблат фарфоровый, возможно даже что оригинальный. Механизм их родной калибр 540
вот справка по нему
Калибр использовался в карманных часах, затем аналогичный калибр использовался в нашей Молнии. вот тут обсуждался
Подобный калибр также делался Cortebert для Rolex, который затем продавал его Panerai
вот здесь обсуждалось

Берегите эти часы, Cortebert птица сейчас редкая, механизмы у них были достойные, и в историю часового дела они вписались очень заметно.

------- ДОБАВЛЕНО ЧЕРЕЗ 12 МИН --------

The Cortébert watch company was born in 1790, one year after the french revolution. in 1790 the Juillard family that lived in Geneva, obtained a noble title from the king of france, even though geneva was an independent republic. probably this was one of the last decisions luis xvi made. in fact soon after he tried to escape from france, but he was caught and imprisoned. this date is very important; the Juillard family for the first time was part of the history, and the history of the family is the history of the cortebert and perseo company. it is known that the Juillard family were very well off and they could afford to buy a noble title; besides that the only other thing known about them is that they used to trade in fur. there is no record of what induced the watchmaker abraham-louis juillard in 1790 to hang up his sign in the jura village of cortebert and start making components for watch movements there. in any case it has little bearing on the rest of the story. nevertheless, in 1803 there was already a watch company owned by the juillard family in the small town of cortebert, close to geneva. in 1855, under the management of adam-louis juillard, the cortebert trademark was registered by the swiss government, with a symbol incorporating all the arm of the juillard family. the symbol on the shield, a maltese cross, caused many problems to the muslims clients. since the first pocket-watch, the company has been manufacturing its own movement. later the production was extended to different calibres to be installed on all cortebert watches. The production aimed at the good quality of the watch, and in a short time the company was able to manufacture watches with a low price and a good movement. At the start of the 1920s, one of abraham-louis juillard’s descendants, a qualified engineer, started meeting the demand for ultra-thin calibers. he also introduced movements with safety mainsprings. cortebert followed the fashions of that period by adding wristwatches to the production of different pocket-watches. movement were also sold to be cased up by etablisseurs. in 1940, when a luxurious catalog contributed to cortebert’s 150th anniversary celebrations, the collection also included wrist-chronographs. in 1944, the factory was producing 20 different calibers ranging from 5 to 22 lignes. among the specialities were large reliable railway watches. another exclusivity was the caliber 677 calendar movement made in 1946, which featured additional 24-hour indication that can be found in the cortebert models. in a few years the cortebert watch company had already won several prizes at the european expositions and their watches were sold mainly in europe, middle east and south america. in 1878 cortebert won the silver medal in paris exposition; in 1880 the gold medal in melbourne; in 1896 the silver medal in geneva; in 1906 the silver medal in milan; the gold medal in stockholm in 1913and in 1926 in barcelona. the cortebert company started to sell more watches in the middle east and so it was decided to modify the symbol; in fact the maltese cross was removed, because of its resemblance to the christian cross After World War I, Poland, which had just obtained its independence and consolidated its national railway, called for tenders to choose the best pocket-watch to use as official watch of the "Polish Railway Corporation". The watch that was chosen was of course a Cortebert and it has been used up to the beginning of communism. Later other countries, such as Turkey, Serbia and Egypt adopted Cortebert watches as their official railway watches.
Le palmarès
1878 Exposition universelle de Paris Médaille d'argent
1880 Exposition universelle de Melbourne Médaille d' or
1896 Exposition nationale Suisse de Genéve Médaille d' argent
1906 Exposition internationale de Milan Médaille d' argent
1913 Exposition nationale de Génes Médaille d'or
1929 Exposition internationale de Barcellone Grand prix
Prix d'observation
1929 observatorie de Neuchatel, prix de série pour chronométres poche et bord
1930 observatorie de Neuchàtel, prix de série pour chronométres poche et bord
1931 observatorie de Kew-Teddington, 2 chronométres de poche primés avec mention " specialement bon "
1931 bureaux officiels de controle de la marche des montres a la Chaux-du-fonds, 193 bulletins sur 291 delivrés, reviennent a Cortébert
1932 observatorie e Neuchatel, prix de serie pour chronometres poche et bord
1932 observatorie de Kew-Tedington, un chronometres de poche sort au 3° rang
1948 observatorie de Neuchatel, prix de serie pour chronometres poche et bord
1948 observatorie de Neuchatel, concours international de rélagle de chronometres, prix de serie pour chronometres poche et bord
1949 observatorie de Neuchatel, prix de serie pour chronometres poche et bord
1950 observatorie de Neuchatel, prix de serie pour chronometres poche et bord
1951 observatorie de Neuchatel, prix de serie pour chronometres poche et bord
1952 observatorie de Neuchatel, prix de serie pour chronometres poche et bord
1952 observatorie de Neuchatel, prix " guillame " pour le reglage du chronometre de bord qui a le meilleur écart moyen correspondant à un changement de position:chronometre n. 473009 réglage dans les positions +- 0,06 sec.
1953 observatorie de Neuchatel, prix de serie pour chronometres poche et bord
1953 observatorie de Genéve, bulletins premiére classe
1954 observatorie de Neuchatel, prix de serie pour chronometres poche et bord
1954 observatorie de Genéve, bulletins premiére classe pour chronometres poche et bord
1955 observatorie de Neuchatel, prix de série pour chronométres de poche

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Obviously a Swiss company, it was founded in 1865 in the town of the same name as the Manufaktur Raiguel Juillard et Cie. and later renamed. The company really, however, goes back to 1790, when Abraham-Louis Juillard set up an ébauche company in Sonvilier. This company moved in 1876 to Cortébert, and the two apparently merged. From 1890 onwards the company made pocket watches, watches followed.

The company was acquired in 1927 by Ébauches SA, and Omega acquired Cortébert from Ébauches in 1962. Production ceased in the early 1980s and the buildings were converted to apartments. Cortébert brought a fair amount of prosperity to the town and a school was built in 1872, which burned down, along with the entire town archives, in 1959.

The name is currently owned by the Italian company Perseo, the watch manufacturer of Italian rail watches, but there are no production plans for Cortébert. Sales under the name Cortébert stopped in the mid-1970s, but the company has a very poorly documented history and given that destruction of the town archives, there is little chance for it to be reconstructed. There is also apparently no one who has seriously documented the history of the company.

The connection with Perseo is a tad bizarre: Cortébert apparently made the high-quality railroad watches that Perseo supplied in the 1930s to fascist Italy, but did so because Cortébert couldn't sell in Italy because it was a foreign company. Hence the connection between the two. What makes it bizarre is that apparently Cortébert employed largely jewish watchmakers, and they were the suppliers to fascit Italy of railroad pocket watches. By 1944 Cortébert made 20 different calibres and made special railroad watches that became identified with the company's name. At some point in the 1970s Perseo, which uses ETA movements in their current set of rather lacklustre watches, acquired the rights to the name.

The company was rather high-end: they supplied movements to Rolex and made their own movememnts. They licensed the jump-hour movement (from Joseph Pallweber), which is really the first digital watch. Given the resumé of the company, it may be a candidate for a revival as another high-end manufacturer, much like Baumer & Mercier was recreated a few years ago: however, no concrete plans have been revealed.

The town of Cortébert is not far from Biel, has all if 723 residents (2007), and was run by the French from 1797 to 1815 until the Vienna Congress returned it to Switzerland. It's an agricultural area, with old houses and small restaurants for the tourist trade that are run by the local farmers.
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Один из калибров этого семейства послужил прообразом нашей Молнии.
CASIO! W38 57 59 84 86 87 92 93 96(2) 211 212 217 725 727(2) 728 729 733 735 751 752 753 755 756 800 W-E10 11 WL-S21 WS-100 WV-59 WVA104 106 B612 816 F84 85 91(13) 105 200 201A F-V1 A151 158 159(2) 162 163 168(3) 178 200(2) 210 220 680 AQ140 160(2) 180 450 AB30 ABX68 AW22 24 44 60 80(3) 81 82 AQ-E10 AW-E10 AW-S90 AE220 1000 1100 1500 3000 AL180 DB34 35 36 DBC32 610 DB-E30 CA53 503 EF317 321 500(2) EFA107 115 118 120 131 WEF116 EFD102 MDV501 BEM501 MSY500 OC502 M22 MDA-S11 MTD1014 MTF108 LA670(2) LW22 FT200 600 SGT100 HDD600 CPW500(2) CPA100 SPS300 STR500 TRI20 DW260 295 650 5600 6600 6900 G1700 2900 3110 3200 7700 GA100(2) 110 400 SPF70 CHR100 RFT100 STB1000 TIC10 BG3002 SFX10 JP200
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Один из калибров этого семейства послужил прообразом нашей Молнии.
Действительно, очень похож
why so serious ?
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Внутренний голос," который никогда не ошибается", намекает на высокий радиационный фон.
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