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Старый 25.05.2013, 21:43
Rowley Rowley вне форума   Автор этой темы
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Translation please - Molnija 3602 dial

I would be most grateful if someone would translate the text on the dial of my Molnija pocket watch.


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Старый 26.05.2013, 09:37
Аватар для sedovva
sedovva sedovva вне форума  
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Wow, you've got the tough one! No kidding. I'll try to explain. It says "30th anniversary of the Development of the Tselina". Here comes the funny (and tough) part, hence the term "Tselina" is kind of unique for USSR and is rather difficult to explain to even some Russians born after USSR demise. It describes some undeveloped lands of Volga region, Kazakhstan, Siberia etc. that were supposed to be turned into blossoming agricultural areas (huge areas), according to plans of economical development. To make it happen people were sent there sometimes semi-voluntary (military and army reservists) but sometimes being attracted by some financial incentives. Wasn't very popular place to be unless you're sent there while on duty or really desperate. Kind of American "middle of nowhere" but much much further, if you can imagine such a place. So someone was lucky enough to be awarded with that watch, commemorating the beginning of sending people to those remote lands. The whole thing started somewhere in late 50s. I assume your piece is at least from the second half of 80s. Nice one- enjoy it.
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