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Junghans pocket watch J26 Face "ВТОПАС"


I have a Junghans pocket watch with a J26 movement and on the face is written:


With some help it was possible to find this: http://opisi.garf.su/default.asp?bas...68302&fond=424

"All-Russian educational PARTNERSHIP Production Association doprizyvnikov"

Pictures from the watch: http://dirkfassbender.de/vtopas.html

I'm researching the Junghans pocket watch time between 1900 and 1933.
Any help is most welcome.

Thanks and best regards
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Старый 07.04.2015, 19:05
Аватар для yourok72
yourok72 yourok72 вне форума  
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This organization was founded 17 of may 1921, officially closed on 25 of october 1925.

Had trading affairs with Ostsee- Handelsgesellschaft trading community, and probably through this collaboration ordered those watches... Please, excuse my English

The link you provided is a list of archives, containing info about VTOPAS. Some parts contain information about local and foreign orders for VTOPAS, and import\export documentation. To see these docs someone in Moscow will have to go to the archive and ask to look for them.
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