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English part of Watch.ru Forum. All messages in English, please.
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Старый 12.09.2018, 11:07
kristian95 kristian95 вне форума   Автор этой темы
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Which watch winder to buy?

Hello, I want to buy a watch winder, but I need an expert advice. I read a lot of the scribes hier: https://www.bestadvisor.de/uhrenbeweger, but I still doubt. Does anyone use such watch winder here? Which models? Are you satisfied with that? Which watch winder can you recommend? Thank you in advance!
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Старый 22.09.2018, 23:46
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Bandido Bandido вне форума  
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I would say that winder is a waste of money, and even worse it is a waste of watch resourse, because it forces the watch to work continuously and shorten it's lifecycle.
The only useful winder can be a device, which can wind a watch once a month and be a full imitation of it's owner's movement during one day. Do you know about such device?
"Эту страну погубит коррупция."
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