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Часовые ремешки, браслеты и цепочки для часов

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Мировые производители ремешков для Panerai

26 Third Party Strap Makers

Atelier Du Bracelet Parisien
The Atelier Du Bracelet Parisien make very high quality exotic straps for all watches including Panerai.
Atelier Jean Rousseau
Atelier Jean Rousseau make OEM straps for several brands, and will execute special commissions for Panerai etc.
David Lane Design Straps
My name is David Lane and I am a custom watch strap maker located in Rochester, New York. I specialize in creating completely hand made, hand sewn watch straps for Panerai as well as several other watch brands. I pride myself in quality, craftsmanship and customer service, your satisfaction is guaranteed.
Delaurian Straps
Delaurian works and lives by the motto "Innovation not Imitation". Striving always to acquire unparagoned leathers from around the globe. Shane designs and hand builds each watch strap himself with 100% pride and integrity.
Dirk is running a very interesting project to make new straps with new-old-stock pre-Vendôme buckles. In the U.S., Dirk Straps can be ordered here.
One of the first original Third Party Panerai strap sellers and probably the longest strap seller on the Internet since 1998. I carry a variety of leathers and exotic materials in various length from Extra Short - Extra Long, using both factory leathers and material I search for and supply to the factory. Widths for close to all the currently available Panerai models along with Tubes, Screws and Buckles. Quality doesn't always have to come with a high price.
Rather than offering only ready-made straps as in years past, Europelli now offers those that are made to your specifications. Each strap is 100% handmade from beginning to end, including hand burnishing, saddle stitching, and various treatment options. The leather I use originates from a local world-renowned tannery, affording me the luxury of personally selecting each hide for its beauty and integrity. Professional Baseball Glove leather, Genuine Shell Cordovan, and unique specialty calfskin hides are among the selections. Your vision and complete satisfaction. My amazing leathers, old-school craftsmanship, and dedication to you. That's what a Europelli 100% Handmade strap is all about."
Ferretti Straps
Ferretti straps are handmade in Italy by a craftsman under the supervision of Francesco Ferretti. Available in vintage natural tanned calf leather with ivory stitching. Buckles are brushed or PVD (the best PVD, like OEM) in 316L stainless steel. 24mm buckle is well curved, 26mm in GPF design is flat.
Germano custom make straps in a variety of materials, for all watches including Panerais.
Greg Stevens Straps
In Greg's words "The simple, bold design of my straps is the perfect complement to your Panerai or other large watch. All of my straps are made by hand using top-quality leathers that you won't find anywhere else. Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed."
"HEROIC18 was founded to share our passion and interest by offering a various collection of straps with the fusion of historic vintage style and high quality leather material exclusively for all Panerai.We highly emphasize five goals in our straps---premium in leather texture, outstanding workmanship, top level in comfort, modish design and reasonable prices."
Kain Heritage
Kain cultivates the passions for skilled handiwork, technical expertise, and exquisite materials to bring our inspired designs to life. Signature element and stunning details reflect on our core value of excellence, which comprises of attuning our designs to innovation and advancing our craftsmanship over time. Impeccable and lasting quality is guaranteed by our skilled artistry and quest for perfection. Join us on a journey to explore our large selection of straps and buckles in both vintage and original designs!
Kaktus Straps
Kaktus Straps, based in Geneva Switzerland, offers a wide range of high quality straps for Panerai watches. One of the first to offer vintage straps custom made out of old military bags and leather briefcases. Kaktus Straps has something for every Panerai enthusiast.
Kurt - The Watch Boys
Kurt - The Watch Boys, based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. For 4 years, Kurt has been providing Panerai collectors with a large variety of ready to ship straps, buckles, tools and accessories. Quality merchandise, fair pricing and personalized service is his primary endeavour. Find his selection of contemporary and vintage style straps.
"Julien Landa is a fine artist, who makes handcrafted straps for Panerai watches
As an artist he always looks for different pieces of leather and besides the traditional looking straps , he makes straps, that are just a bit different from the usual."
Manifatture Firenze

In the words of Andrea of Manifatture Firenze, they provide the "best 100% Italian handmade straps and accessories for Panerai and other brands. MF products are assembled entirely by expert Florentine craftsmen with the highest standard of quality and materials, and are guaranteed for two years."
Rob-Montana straps----Completely Custom hand-built, hand stitched straps using the finest leather and threads from Italy and the US, where customer service is first priority.
Savage Straps
Scot is a “one man show” who makes all straps by hand using true, double-needle hand stitching. He primarily makes custom straps to customers’ exact specifications, but his website usually has a modest selection of “ready-made” straps for your perusal. Scot is dedicated to providing the highest quality straps in a broad range of fabulous leathers at reasonable pricing. This dedication along with his passion and craftsmanship shows in the finished product.
Septimus Straps
French strap-maker located in the suburb of Paris. Straps are built without the use of any machine. They are hand-cut and hand-stitched in France, the leather we use is 100% french vegetal-tanned. We also use military pouches from France and Switzerland. We have a limited production.
Simona Straps
Simona DiStefano worked at both the Firenze and Portofino Panerai Boutiques, and knows pretty much everything about Panerai watches. Her family has been in the leather business in Italy for decades, and she is now supplying thick historic straps with GPF-style buckles to Panerai collectors.
Strap Culture designs and manufactures straps exclusively for Panerai. It is dedicated to combine innovative designs with a wide variety of materials to bring continual improvement in its products. It strives to make every Panerai a unique piece with a dash of your own individuality.
Strap Works
Jonathan Kiu of Strap-Works says "Strap-Works provides the highest quality contemporary and vintage style straps in various skins and colours for Panerai watches at an afforable price point."

Strapmasters are 100% hand-made Italian straps made by the same family that made straps for Panerai from 1938 to 1997. They specialize in waterproof calf and exotic leathers.
Ted Su Straps
Ted Su uses vintage Army surplus and antique luggage leather, letting old materials breathe life into his straps. His custom-finished buckles are also with available with a ceramic coating. He guarantees your total satisfaction.
Vintager Straps by Micah
Truly hand-made straps, 100% made by Micah, in the USA. No employees, no factory, no middle man; just you, me and a truly custom strap that I guarantee you will enjoy. I was an avid watch collector for years before I started making straps, and am an avid Panerai fan to this day, so I understand your passion... because it's my passion too. Passion... quality... pride: Vintager Straps by Micah.
WotanCraft Straps
WotanCraft straps, specialized in vintage retro and exotic leather, are 100% handmade under the mostly strict QC level. Also, there are a variety of 316L buckles that suits your collections. WotanCraft uses only high quality waxed linen thread to provide the straps with water/stain resistance and durability. With the traditional saddle stitching methods, the straps are sustainable to almost all kinds of stretching and pressing. Your satisfaction is WotanCraft`s mission!
Zergun Straps
Zergun is a team of fully skilled craftsmen whose experience and technology on leather & strap making have been over 20 years . Due to the distinct aim we believe to enthusiastically produce the best of the best watch straps , we do pay intensely concentration on every strap making procedure--no matter on leather selection, screening , creation , manufacturing and quality control , just wish to supply the finest products to you and nothing less .
Other Manufacturers
More third-party straps.
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Gunny Straps

Обзор с фотками Мартина
Галерея Питера
ML1 на 127
ML1 близко
Еще пара фоток
youtube Сaitlin 2
youtube Verdi

пс/ +доступна GPF Mod Dep полированная/ цена такая же
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OEM Straps, RRP 2011

Recommended Retail Price List

Effective August 1, 2011
Leather strap BA 260.0
Leather strap with sewn-in titanium buckle 390.0
Leather strap BA 260.0
Alligator strap BA 420.0
Rubber strap BA 160.0
Nylon strap clasp 190.0
Leather strap BA/BDR 230.0
Alligator strap BA/BDR 370.0
Rubber strap BA/BDR 160.0
Velcro strap 160.0
Coramid/rubber strap 160.0
Rubber/alligator strap 260.0
Leather strap with sewn-in steel buckle 330.0
Leather strap BA/BDR 230.0
Alligator strap BA/BDR 370.0
Rubber strap BA/BDR 160.0
Velcro strap 160.0
Coramid/rubber strap 160.0
Rubber/alligator strap 260.0
Leather strap with sewn-in steel buckle 330.0
Leather strap BA/BDR 230.0
Alligator strap BA/BDR 370.0
Leather strap BA 230.0
Alligator strap BA/BDR 370.0
Alligator strap BA/BDR 370.0
Leather strap BA/BDR 230.0
Alligator strap BA/BDR 370.0
Alligator strap BA/BDR 370.0
Alligator strap BDR 370.0
Fabric strap BA 260.0
Crocodile strap BA 310.0
Leather strap BA 370.0
Nylon strap BA 370.0

источник http://www.network54.com/Forum/35339...0+rubber.+Ouch!!!
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Уважаемые форумчане, предлагаю ( если это разрешено правилами форума) выбрать 5-6 основных производителей ремешков для РАМ, у которых вы заказывали ремешки , и провести голосование оценив по двум трем критериям, например качество+цена+ еще что-нибудь.
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Доброго времени суток!

MANIFATTURE FIRENZE - на эл.письма не отвечают, заказы не выполняют, деньги принимают, сайт временами блокирован. На сайте нет контактного телефона, есть номер факса - факсы не отправлял. Деньги уже вернул.
По последним отзывам, датированным примерно серединой 2011 года (заказы из UK), ремешки хороши, но итальянцы не бегут отвечать на письма, к чему и был готов морально, но ответа до сих пор нет.

Вот так.

С уважением,
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panerai, ремешки, панераи

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