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Независимые часовщики

Форум о независимых швейцарских часовщиках.
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Часы Mirrored Force Resonance от Armin Strom взяли премию в области дизайна RED DOT DESIGN AWARD за 2017 год

ИМХО вполне заслуженно. Со всех точек зрения (в т.ч. дизайна )))))


Релиз по этому поводу:
ARMIN STROM wins the Red Dot Design Award 2017 for excellence in product design already for the second time. The independent Swiss watch manufacturer gains this international design award in the “Watches” category with its Mirrored Force Resonance model.
ARMIN STROM's Mirrored Force Resonance contains more than just great mechanical design; this groundbreaking timepiece comprises an innovative, sophisticated mechanism created for the pursuit of precision in a way that has never before been seen in a wristwatch: the eminently visible animated resonance clutch spring that connects two oscillators, the most sensitive part of a watch’s movement. Thus, the top of the movement becomes a stage for the stars of the timekeeping show underneath a transparent dome of scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, putting the fascinating functionality of the oscillating balances squarely in the spotlight while simultaneously improving the watch’s precision using the phenomenon of resonance.
Never has form followed function in such a compelling and mechanically beautiful way.
Professor Dr Peter Zec, Initiator and CEO of the Red Dot Awards, comments: “The Red Dot winners are pursuing the right design strategy. They have recognised the fact that good design goes hand in hand with economic success. The award made by the critical Red Dot jury documents high design quality and points the way forward to a successful styling policy”.
The international award, which is already celebrating its 60th anniversary, pays tribute to outstanding international product design in 31 different categories. In 2017, the prize winners were selected by a prestigious jury with some 40 members. It is made up of independent designers, professors and professional journalists who assess the products in an evaluation process lasting for several days. More than 5,500 products from 54 different countries were entered this year. The winners were officially announced at a prize ceremony and gala on 3 July in Essen Opera House.
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Часы можно на свой вкус "раскрасить" . Хороший вариант индивидуализации

Люди говорят, что время проходит, а Время говорит, что проходят люди (Тибетская мудрость)
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serg70 (05.04.2017)

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