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Башенные часы и наружные часы

Форум о башенных и наружных часах.
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Вот такое письмо с просьбой о помощи пришло из Англии. Пожалуйста, если есть конструктивные идеи, поделитесь!

Михаил Гурьев, Эрмитаж

Hello again Mikhail,

With your help our book on the turret clocks of T. Cooke & Sons of York has now been published. We were able to contact the museum where the clock is now and they sent some really good photos of the clock and the museum. Please take a look at pages 217 and 218 from the book which feature the clock. We are very grateful for your help.

I wonder if you can help us locate another clock. This one is a lot closer to you, as I believe it went to St Petersburg. The clock was made by Richard Roberts and was one of only two of this design ever made. It was called the Alpha Clock and has a frame described as a quadrangular pyramid. One of the clocks was exhibited at the Great Exhibition of 1851 and won a medal. This is believed to now be in a church in Scotland. The other was exported to St Petersburg. I’m afraid that is all I know of its destination. I wonder if you or any of your colleagues has ever seen it or heard of it, or may be able to tell me if it still exists, and where it is.

It may well have been lost with the passage of almost 170 years, but I am hoping it is still safe somewhere.

Best wishes,

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