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History of the Molnija "October Revolution" pocket watch

First off, my apologies for not speaking a single lick of Russian, expect Октя́брьская револю́ция. How did I learn such a historical phrase? It's the words on my Russian pocket watch. My own studies show it was made by Molnija, a company that started about 30 years after the revolution, according to my research at least. Can anyone tell me anything about this watch? I've been a fan of Russian culture since I learned I was named after the last tsar, and would be interested in anything you could tell me. Thanks in advance.
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Molnija (lightening) pocket watches were first produced in USSR by Moscow Watch Factory No.2 using design/tooling bought from Cortebert (movement 616) in the aftermath of WWII (Great Patriotic War). These early watches were 15 jewel and finished to a very high standard. Late in 1947 production also began in a purpose built factory in Chelyabinsk. Over time the finish became more utilitarian and uprated to 18 jewel.

At some point in the mid 1960's production at MWF No.2 ceased and production focussed on Chelyabinsk. At about the same time new case designs were introduced, open-face and full Hunter. Cases and dials had very distinctive 'Soviet' designs, many commemorated key events in USSR history and industry.

I have a collection of 50mm 3602 open face cases with embossed case backs and another set with dials bearing the names of western companies/clubs/organisation.

The full hunter case model also has a distinctive soviet style with cases and dials commemorating soviet history/industry/culture.

All production ceased in 2007.

An earlier post I made showing some of my collection - http://forum.watch.ru/showthread.php?t=168592
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molnija, october revolution, октя́брьская револю́ция

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