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English part of Watch.ru Forum. All messages in English, please.
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Старый 29.11.2014, 02:29
Аватар для Oto han
Oto han Oto han вне форума   Автор этой темы
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Best watch BRANDS

DEAR English forum participant,

Because of Low Engrish forum volume suggesting to be more active,

Lets start from the opinion about best 10 TOP brands in the industry:

As the creator will give my opinion in the end and we will summarize in the end of

December !!!! So harry up and many thanks !!!
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Старый 29.11.2014, 20:11
2223 2223 вне форума  
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i guess all the brands are good enough otherwise they would extinct.
just like those brands that did extinct.
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Старый 05.12.2014, 06:45
Аватар для sedovva
sedovva sedovva вне форума  
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Ha. If this lonely corner had more then 4-5 participants you'd already witness bloodshed. But with only few people watching it might be peaceful.
Anyway, here is top 10 IMHO
1. Patek
2. Jaeger LeCoultre
3. Rolex
4. Breguet
5. Zenith
6. Breitling
7. Seiko
8. IWC
9. Glashutte
10. Longines
Not necessarily in that order.
And I have next 10 ready, just in case. And then 10 more...
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Этот пользователь сказал Спасибо! sedovva за это сообщение:
chernoekote (03.07.2015)
Старый 11.01.2016, 20:34
higonp higonp вне форума  
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It would be helpful to me if the list were maybe the top ten in different price ranges. Thanks
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Старый 19.11.2016, 18:17
Аватар для alyons
alyons alyons вне форума  
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Actually there are Big 5 like in most business sectors
Note that those are all historical brands with Rolex being the youngest datimg back to 1905
Patek not being the oldest though by far stands above this little crowd
GMT-MASTER II, DeVille BigDate Gold Limited, AquaTerra Day-Date, Seamaster 300m Blue, Kon-Tiki 4-Hands
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Старый 16.12.2016, 14:21
Аватар для koland68
koland68 koland68 вне форума  
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On my opinion - as true manufactures (with more than 50000 units per year).

1. Jaeger LeCoultre
3. Rolex
4. Zenith
5. Citizen
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Старый 16.12.2016, 14:56
Аватар для Alexa18
Alexa18 Alexa18 вне форума  
Регистрация: 16.12.2016
Адрес: Симферополь
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Casio ))
моя подпись
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