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А где в онлайн продают? Чтоб выбор был.
И как у них с размерами?
есть на амазоне, есть на оф сайте американском, европейском...

насчет размеров
"How do I select the ideal size for my boots?
This is the most difficult question to answer as all people's feet are different and no single boot in the world fits every person's foot. Added to this difficulty is the fact that everyone's feet are different sizes, comparing left to right. We first recommend that our customers in North America be fit at a local outdoor specialty retailer. If this is not possible, we then recommend that you select your size according to the US size conversion already done for you. This can most easily be done by viewing our sizing charts.

The EU sizes presented by Zamberlan Italy are different than other Italian producers. For example, our EU 42 is a US 8, while for other brands the EU 42 is a US 9. This is normal as manufacturers, as specialized as Zamberlan, use their own lasts (forms) to build their boots. With that said, many customers find that our women's Italian-made boots tend to run true to size, while our men's Italian-made boots tend to run a bit long. "

страница с size chart
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