Тема: Astro от Citizen
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No doubts -- it's all Citizen, itself or sub-brands. See the attached scheme and follow the link to see Citizen LHP46-0226 dated back to 1989 https://picasaweb.google.com/1181803...2NDLHP46022602 or Citizen Lamer LML43-9416 circa 1987 http://citizen.jp/discovery/model/1980/lml43-9416.html or even original Citizen Cosmosign http://citizen.jp/discovery/model/19...cosmosign.html BTW, I've seen them on the bid some time ago http://forum.watch.ru/showpost.php?p...&postcount=148

------- ДОБАВЛЕНО ЧЕРЕЗ 16 МИН --------
That diagram is very known, but does not include the recent models.
Indeed I have seen the old Cosmosigns for sale many times.

On Campanola pics... While its kind of porn at the level of naked details, it is completely not at the end -- I'm falling in love with those images, its bigger than just elementary eye-catcher. You know that

On Accurist pics... Yes, please make them! I cannot remember any detailed photo-reviews of those timepieces. Appreciate your readiness to be the first. BTW, have you own them or its just from the corner shop next block? Just kidding
I understand, but remember once you have one mechanism (and know how to calibrate it) you will realize the difference is just the casing.
Of course I have them. LOL
I will make the pics and upload today.
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