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AST97-1001 (2008 version, blue sky, Northern Hemisphere, stars and moonphases, 38 mm), USD 700-750, almost two years ago. At least that is not 1000+ as at the end of sales but not 500 as at the beginning. Reported here and here.

As you see, that's a trend of the forum to replace bracelet with blue strap.
Indeed I had seen them before. I think it looks great with that blue strap! Good match! Like the new Cosmosign style.
AST97-1001 was the latest version with moon age, but in 42 mm nothing came out. :\

Действительно, я видел их раньше. Я думаю, что это выглядит здорово, что с синим ремешком! Хороший матч! Нравится новый стиль Cosmosign.
AST97-1001 была последняя версия с луной возрасте, но в 42 мм ничего не вышло. : \

Thank you for so detailed analysis AstroVSAccurist. As for me personally, I don't like the label on glass (the same with any watches), as well as some non-evident features which makes the watch simplified (say, make it "chaper-like"). Just my feelings, I didn't see Accurist in reality, so may be completely wrong, especially after your review. To be honest, Astrodea isn't Campanolla, so it's a big question what is simplicity.
What do you mean with non-evident features? I did not understand.
I think both Astrodea and Accurist are very close. It is basically the same watch.

Что вы имеете в виду с неочевидных возможностей? Я не понял.
Я думаю, что обе Astrodea и Accurist очень близки. Это в основном те же часы.

Does anybody know if they will produce Astrodea in the future or if it finishes? Or if a new Cosmosign Camapnola will be released?

Кто-нибудь знает, если они будут производить Astrodea в будущем, или если он заканчивается? Или, если новый Cosmosign Camapnola выйдет?
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