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Alexxx 10.07.2007 16:41

Правила покупки часов.
Вот такие правила покупки от наших зарубежных коллег:

Guide to Buying a Watch
Honest and nice people do find this quite tough and usually feel awkward about the deal process. I think in the end it boils down to a few things, in no particular order:

1 Know your target. Know the bottom line cheapest price in your country, and rest of world from greys (and then take off 10%).

2 Persistence -Agree with all the dealer's points whining about shop rent, "last one available" nonsense or a "special price for today" - whatever. Just nod sagely, but don't budge from your view; preferably based on well researched facts from '1'.

3 Pitch several dealers against each other if possible.
Patience. Say less, do not fill silences in the conversation. The fact that you haven't walked away signals you are still interested.

4 Eye contact - don't talk away from them and don't let them talk away from you.
5 Politeness - keep it friendly, signal your knowledge but don't overemphasise it.
6 Deal with the organ grinder not the monkey (no shop assistants thanks, just the boss)
7 Dealers who are their own boss, not a shop chain, respond better.
Appear serious - wear a watch of similar value to the one you're going to buy.
8 "I can buy it now, today for cash" - then back off if needed once the deal is struck.
9 Try on the interest in two watches; that you want to buy both, they'll want to sell you both, but back off to one after the price is struck.
10 Make your mind up about how you feel about AD and Grey. Do the maths - is the difference more or less than the cost of a repair?

Deal alone, no partners, friends or whatever along for the ride....
Be prepared to walk away - there is ALWAYS another deal somewhere else.
I just cannot justify in my mind setting fire to even a $1000 for the pleasure of a happy dealer. Of course if the watch hasn't hit the grey channels yet, or is oversubscribed, then that's a different matter. But it doesn't appear you have to pay list for anything. Go for the throat!

And finally, two rock solid recommendations. These guys are cheaper new than some 2ndhand sellers.....the best kept open secret in the WIS community, they'll also manage the declared value for customs purposes

Выгодных покупок Вам, Уважаемые!!!

Alexxx 10.07.2007 16:52

А вот немного правил как НЕ купить !!
Надеюсь, язык достаточно прост для понимания...

1 Buy one watch that you really like, then never, ever read TimeZone, or any watch publications, again. This will save you a fortune. Especially to be avoided are the watch review, brand forum, and chatroom areas of TimeZone - the WIS contagion spreads from here... If you learn only one thing from my tale of woe, learn this! Turn back while you can.

2 Just buy that Lange (or Patek, or Rolex, or Vacheron, or whatever your personal Grand Ultimate Fetish Object is) first, and save yourself some agony and expense. Once you've gotten The Best, you may be able to resist a lot of impulse purchases, and avoid cluttering up your house with watchwinders, cases, and so on.

3 Never buy a watch "instead" of the one you really want. You'll eventually end up getting the object of your desire anyway, and then you'll be stuck with an extra watch (or four).

4 Never buy a watch just because the price seems insanely good. If you don't end up ever wearing it, you'd have saved even more money if you hadn't bought the darn thing in the first place. Corollary - never buy a low-end watch just because "that's darn good value for the money" if you already have, or desire, higher-end versions of the same sort of watch - you'll end up never wearing the cheapie, and it'll clutter up the place. Buying a low-end watch as a beater is fine, but be careful with this rationalization - how many beaters do you really need?

5 Furthermore, how many chronographs do you really need? One for dress, one for cooking/BBQing, and one for abuse. Anything more, and some will just rot in your watch-case.

6 If you decide that you like a certain style of watch, say "military-style", it is not necessary to own every single example of the style. Take your time, and pick one or two good ones - you can only wear one at a time anyways (except at TZ lunches).

7 Whenever you find yourself thinking "Hey, I've got a t-shirt that'd look really good with that watch over there...", hand your checkbook and wallet to someone trusted, and run, do not walk, for the door, and head for the Imelda Marcos Impulse Shopping Treatment Center. You need help. Corollary - it is far cheaper to buy a new belt that matches a watch you already own, than the other way around...

8 If you find yourself making up bogus milestones as excuses to purchase a new watch, you also need help. "Hey, it's St. Vincent's Day in Swaziland! Let's celebrate!" is not a sufficient reason to buy that repeater you've always wanted...

9 If you need a fix, think vintage. There are a lot of inexpensive vintage watches out there in great shape with really cool movements, and nifty features. With the money you'd waste on only a few mistaken purchases of NIB timepieces, you could assemble a killer vintage collection. And you'll find that often the design and craftsmanship are superior to, and unobtainable in, modern watches... (Mind you, I've never managed to follow this advice, but it sounds good...)

9 Another solution when you hunger for a new watch - treat one of your current watches to a new strap. Often, a watch that has not been getting much time on your wrist is just begging for a new strap in a different style. It's just like getting a new watch, but somewhat cheaper.

10 You don't need to keep everything on a watch winder, or wind all of your handwound watches every day. This way lies madness (and watch winders strewn about your house). Get a winder or two for your current commonly-worn rotation, and don't worry. Your changing tastes/needs from month to month will likely insure that your watches get worn often enough to not get gummed up. If not, consider selling the unworn, lonely pieces languishing in your collection to some other poor soul. Watches should be worn, and not sit in vaults, sadly spinning away on winders.

11 If offered a choice, always buy the watch with the bracelet. You can always find a nice strap later if you change your mind, but it tends to be expensive, and a bother, to find a proper bracelet after the fact.

12 Avoid developing an addiction to pocket-watches. You won't ever carry one with you, no matter how good your intentions, except maybe to the opera. Get one really nice one, and pat yourself on the back. This makes an excellent and economical way to get the urge for a minute repeater out of your system too...

13 Hold out for a 35% discount, minimum. Don't be in a rush to buy. If you look around, and bide your time, you can find almost any watch at a decent price, even the ever-elusive Portugueser...

14 Credit cards are not your friend. Pay cash, so you feel the pain right away. This method often kills the impulse purchase dead in its tracks.

15 Diamonds are not a watch's best friend... Especially on a Breitling Emergency...

Akira 10.07.2007 17:35

мне понравилась фраза

Сообщение от Alexxx (Сообщение 33961)
you could assemble a killer vintage collection

полагаю что сайт http://velociphilewatch.blogspot.com...1_archive.html
немного конечно удивляет педадогический подход в стиле "чтобы начать пользоваться молотком, возьмите его за деревянную ручку с противоположной стороны от металлической головки"...
но американцы уже не удивляют :)

Alexxx 10.07.2007 17:40

Ну да... Для нас - это юмор, для них основы основ...:)

Dm.Sheen 10.07.2007 18:36


Сообщение от Akira (Сообщение 33973)
мне понравилась фраза

а мне ни одна фраза не понравилась! т.к. я вообще ничего не понял - на русском ни одного слова! :(

efferalgan 10.07.2007 19:19

Ага, американцам хорошо писать про "you can find almost any watch at a decent price" и 35% скидки, а нам (большинству из нас), наслаждающимся местым emerging market-ом каково? :(

Про брюлики присоединяюсь! Добавил бы еще золотые вставки на стальных часах туда же.

R2D2 11.07.2007 01:26


Сообщение от Dm.Sheen (Сообщение 33993)
а мне ни одна фраза не понравилась! т.к. я вообще ничего не понял - на русском ни одного слова! :(


Alexxx 11.07.2007 01:57


Добавил бы еще золотые вставки на стальных часах туда же
А мне нравится Омега double eagle - сталь с золотыми вставками, совсем не пОшло - а вот бриллианты на Панерай ....


американцам хорошо писать про "you can find almost any watch at a decent price" и 35% скидки
На самом деле можно и у нас успешно торговаться - об этом писали неоднократно... было бы желание купить...

R2D2 11.07.2007 03:36


Сообщение от Alexxx (Сообщение 34091)
А мне нравится Омега double eagle - сталь с золотыми вставками...

Мне тоже нравились на картинке, а когда вживую увидел не вдохновили, особенно браслет - как будто браслет от наручников одел.

efferalgan 11.07.2007 13:40


Сообщение от Alexxx (Сообщение 34091)
А мне нравится Омега double eagle - сталь с золотыми вставками, совсем не пОшло - а вот бриллианты на Панерай ....

На самом деле можно и у нас успешно торговаться - об этом писали неоднократно... было бы желание купить...

Я и не говорил, что пошло, просто мне не нравится. А "брюлики" я видел только на паленых Панераях, ну еще тут на форуме фотку со стразами на дужке размещали, но то лимитед изврат...

Торговаться - да, сам покупал и с 30%, но не "с улицы". 35% "с улицы" у АД - нет! Да и ритейл с США наколько ниже, чем в Европе и, тем более, у нас! Дискаунтероа скока!

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