Просмотр полной версии : Разница между Date & DateJust

27.06.2008, 04:30
Вот наткнулся на интересное обсуждение. Последний пост интересен и исторически и технически:


1. You Can "JUST" The Date On A DateJust Where As On A Date You Can't ( You Have To Keep Setting The Time Until The Date Is Correct )
2. The Case Size On A DateJust Is 36MM and On A Date Is 34MM.

Early Rolex models did not have hack features...the ability to pull the crown out to a stop position that would suspend movement of the second hand. Watchheads who demanded exact second timing had to move the crown slightly backwards retarding the second hand....sounds like it would harm the movement, but infact, it did (does) no harm to the movement.

After the hack feature was introduced in all models (including the Date and Datejust) you could freeze the second hand, but changing the date required Alex's procedure of winding the hands round and round until the proper date showed up in the window. This too sounds as though it would lead to excessive wear, but in fact, it also causes no harm to the movement unless the hands are spun at roulette wheel speed many times.

Then in the late 70s, the quickset date feature became standard, introducing yet another stop point when pulling out the crown/stem assembly. Quickset is the first stop position of the stem and allows the spinning of the date wheel. The next stop on the stem halts the second hand and allows the hour and minute hands to be set.

The Day-Date has has incarnations of first no quickset or hack, then hack, then quickset date but not day and finally a quickset day and date function on the stem. Rolex's with the 'extra' hands like the GMT and Explorer II also have an additional stop in the stem movment.

Heaven only knows how mant stops are built into the new YMII with its multiple complications.